Class Guidelines

  • Arrive on time, preferably 15 minutes early in order to get smudged and settled into your spot.  Once ceremony has started, the door will be locked.

    • People can sit on the floor on pillows or chairs for class.  
    • Wear clothes that allow you to sit comfortably on the floor and breathe easily.
    • It is a good idea to bring pen and paper to take notes on the teachings and your own experiences.
    • I advise not drinking alcohol (or obviously drugs) at least 24 hours before a class.  Alcohol and drugs affect one’s ability to be in a ceremonial and meditative state.
    • Anything that is shared in the safe environment of ceremony is private and not to be shared outside of class.
     Payment is due at the time of each class.  Please make checks to Wolfsongs School or Susan Wolf.  I can also now take credit or debit cards in person with my smartphone!  You can also usually pay for classes on the "Register for Courses" page on this website.  You will be led through the simple steps to create a PayPal account if you don't already have one. 
    • You are welcome to contact me outside of class if you need assistance.
    • Thanks for attending a class through Wolfsongs School of Shamanism!