Have you been feeling like life is a bit dull, or like a chore to get through?  Walking across fire (actually across hot coals) can re-awaken the fire within you to help you feel excited and passionate about your life.  The reason one can do it without burning is that the spirit of the fire is the same spirit that burns in you and me.  When you are willing to do whatever is in front of you on your path, the Great Spirit supports you and helps you to do things beyond your imagination. 

Walking across fire is a ritual for deepening your connection to Spirit.  This ritual has been done for thousands of years all across the globe.  Everyone is capable of walking across fire because the fire that lives within you is the same as the fire on the outside.  Grandfather Fire is considered to be a form of the Great Spirit who loves and comes to help us.

Even though this may seem like an "advanced" course, I have seen people practically walk off the street into this workshop and walk across the hot coals,  perfectly fine.  We spend time preparing a ceremonial space, and making sure that every action is done in honor and gratitude to Grandfather Fire and the spirits who are helping us.  This helps to get everyone ready and to feel that we are in a sacred space.

There is plenty of time to answer any and all questions.  We will go over every aspect of the walk beforehand, so that every person will understand how the process unfolds.  We will take time to get clear on what you would like to change through the teachings of the medicine wheel.  We will then ask Grandfather Fire to help us transform what is blocking us. 

Walking across fire is a powerful experience that can transform your life.  The firewalks have been held at the winter solstice for the last several years.