Healing Cooking Class - "Italian"

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At Susan's Place

Join me to learn about making a healthy, plant-based, satisfying meal that you and your family will enjoy. We will be working within the protocols of the Medical Medium, Anthony William, that he has put out for how to heal with good food. This month's menu will include: Eggplant dip, Cucumber/Tomato/Basil Salad, Two different options of grain-free pasta - 1. Zucchini Spiral Noodles and/or Quinoa-Brown Rice Noodles 2. Three different sauces 1. Vegan Basil Pesto 2. Tomato/garlic Marinara 3. Vegan cashew "Alfredo" and Lemon Sorbet. You will learn what these foods can do for you and also receive the recipes. Come and see how you can eat healthy, enjoy and feel satisfied! $40