"Living the Sacred LIfe:" Honoring the Teachings of White Buffalo Woman

 Held in Afton unless otherwise noted.   $110 each Saturday, October 11th, Saturday, November 8th, Sunday, Dec. 7th, 2014, 10am-4pm  

Legend has it that White Buffalo Woman came to the people at a time when the human race was stuck in its spiritual growth.  She came to teach us how to communicate with the Great Spirit and to bring that connection into our daily lives.  When Christopher Beaver was just here, I was given a vision to share the teachings of White Buffalo Woman and also of the Buffalo.  The Buffalo teaches us of abundance and gratitude and being so grounded to the Earth Mother that nothing can sway us from our paths.  I was shown ways to help people connect to these powerful energies through prayer, journey, and drumming.  We will also make tools of prayer such as prayer ties and a sacred prayer stick.  White Buffalo Woman teaches us of how to live a sacred, spiritual life full of the joy of living.  Each of these days can stand alone, though of course it is always the best to attend all!  Place still to be determined.