Shamanic Healer Training

"I followed my heart’s urging into the Healer Training Course with little Shamanic experience not knowing what I was really getting myself into…what I discovered was beyond words, beyond feelings, and beyond my wildest dreams.  I found my inner vision, love, strength and wisdom. I experience the world now from different realms and have learned to walk between the worlds of duality. I have learned how to connect to and be aware of my environment (how to finally pay attention) and I am now truly prepared to offer healings and guidance."  -Cindy River Heart Woman - Graduate of first Healing Training

Shamanic Healing Training 2018 – Shamanic Hypnotherapy/Guided Journeying

This will be Year Three of a three year program, though it is also a stand-alone training.  

Next year, 2018, we will be covering how to take your clients into guided journeys and meditations.  It will be a combination of hypnotherapy techniques and also shamanic trance healing work.  I call this combined style, “Shamanic Hypnotherapy.”   We will cover how to use your voice and the drum to take your clients into a trance state so that they can journey to Past Lives, Rescue the Inner Child, Connect to Spirit Guides, and more.  You’ll also learn how to help people find their Power Animal and how to lead people in Shamanic Meditation and Shamanic Journeys.  We’ll be going deeply into working the drum, the amazing shamanic tool that connects us to the heartbeat of the Earth Mother.  For this year you will definitely need a drum.  If you are looking for a drum, I love Wayne Manthey’s drums –
This course can be used for your own personal growth as well as using these techniques to build or add to a healing practice.  I love these tools particularly because they facilitate a person to explore her or his inner worlds.  These techniques teach people how to become less dependent on outside sources for advice and guidance.  I often think this work is the most important, because it introduces you and/or your client to a way to connect to your own inner knowingness.  Ultimately being able to sit alone and meditate,  to hear or feel your inner guidance, and to feel your connection to Spirit, is the greatest gift I can give to anyone.  My teacher, Black Bear, was very loving and supportive and yet always pushing me to come to a place of not relying on him.  I’m still working on trusting my inner guidance every day.  It’s through techniques such as these that I made my own connection to the wisdom within me.
We will meet four times for three day weekends each.  The first weekend will be January 19, 20 ,21 and the other weekends will most likely be in March, July and October.  We may also have small meetings in between.  The cost will be $1495.   A $200 deposit will hold your spot.  We will most likely meet at my place in Afton – about 25 minutes West of Charlottesville, VA.
There is a pre-requisite class for this training.  It is The Circle of Life class, which gives the basic teachings of the Black Bear lineage and gives the beginning tools you need to be a healer.  You will find a Power Animal, learn about becoming a Hollow Bone, learn to set Psychic Protections and how to set up a ceremonial safe space.  All of these are necessary tools for becoming a shamanic healer and necessary to work within this particular body of knowledge and framework.  I will offer this class Saturday and Sunday, October 28-29, $185.  
This is a basic outline of what I want to offer with the healing training.  We will also discuss the importance of personal integrity and ethics in being a healer.  We will do personal growth work to facilitate honesty and clarity within one’s self.  I will also share things I have learned about making a business and a living doing this work.  We will talk about how to keep your personal energy clear so that you can become a more powerful Hollow Bone.   

Please contact me if you are interested or have any questions.

 I wish you many blessings on your path! 

Susan Wolf Star