The Twelve Postures of the Medicine Wheel

Taught by Nancy Anderson
March 25-27, Friday through Sunday, $350

I am so happy to announce that my dear long, (long) time friend Nancy Anderson will be here in March to share a fantastic teaching from the Black Bear lineage called “The Twelve Postures of the Medicine Wheel.”  I’ve known Nancy since my first year in college (1978!) where we both ended up studying psychology.  We also have shared a fascination in the nature of the human psyche and the study of spirituality.  We ended up coming to the amazing teachings from the Black Bear lineage where we found our home.   Nancy has studied with Christopher Beaver for almost twenty years now and lived in Telluride, CO for most of that time.  Nancy is very compassionate and has an ability to see with laser sharp clarity to the root of an issue.  Her insight helps people (myself included) gain a new perspective that can bring major internal healing shifts.  She has guided and helped me through many of my own challenging life situations. 
Here are the details: 
The  Twelve Postures of the Medicine Wheel: A 3-day Workshop, March 25th-27th, 10am – 5pm, workshop space TBD (Charlottesville/Afton area) 
The Medicine Wheel is an ancient Shamanic symbol comprised of a circle of 12 stones. Each stone holds a teaching about the cycle of life and how to walk a good life of connection, beauty and power on this Earth. We will learn a posture for each of the 12 stones on the wheel. Each posture helps the body to elegantly connect to the essence of the stone and comes with its own teaching that helps deepen understanding of the Medicine Wheel. Each workshop participant will be invited to focus on an area of their life that they wish to understand more fully and transform. We will then work with the postures to help dance around the wheel with this focus area. 

Here is a sample of the postures of the wheel and how they can help to connect you to beneficial life energy: Eagle posture in the East helps you to find inspiration, connect with your vision and clear a sense of past failure and regret; The Standing Bear posture of the Bonding stone helps to see and clear attachments before they become manifest; The Standing Father Earth Mother posture in the South helps to take the earth and sky as your mother and father and stand in your sovereign power. The Stalking posture of the Growth stone helps you to align with the natural flow of creation; The Journey to the Pool of Reflections in the West helps you to see your shadow and what needs to be released at the Death stone. The Moving Rainbow posture of the North helps to connect you to your inner elder. 
Nancy Raining Sun Feather is a psychotherapist, as well as a 17 year student of Shamanism. She will offer 2 hour sessions after the workshop to delve into an issue in your life, explore a new life area, or work to clear trauma. She uses a combination of counseling, journey work, and EMDR, which is a method of clearing trauma. 
2 hour session-$150 
$50 deposit each to hold your spot 
Please let me know if you are interested!  I have been wanting Nancy to come here and teach this for awhile.  I know some of the postures, but not all, so it’s something I’ve been wanting to learn for many years!  This teaching can really help make a major shift in your life.

Come join us for this transformational workshop!