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A Safe Place to Land 
A Series for Emotinal and Spiritual Support 

October 2023 - January 2024


This class is designed to help support you in the stressful and challenging times we are  living in and  will be a safe and gentle space for you to find refuge in.  

This class is for you if you experience, stress, anxiety, worry, exhaustion, suffering with a chronic illness, chronic pain, feel like you don't have time to find inner peace and trust, and just need some gentle support.    

I will be sharing techniques and meditations that have helped me find great peace and inspiration to go forward.  My intention for this group is to provide some time for you to step away from your busy life and step into a compassionate haven of love.  I hope that you can join me!  

All classes will be recorded.

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Healing Sessions

For Emotional and Spiritual Support

 In a Healing Session, Susan  can help support you in a safe space with understanding and compassion.  She has over 30 years of working with people one on one.  She draws from her shamanic training and her work with supporting people with chronic illness.  In a healing session, there will be time for discussion and sharing and then Susan will be intuitively drawn to a healing technique for the client to experience.  These techniques can range from shamanic healing techniques like Soul Retrieval, Shamanic Journeying, connecting to your Power Animal, Energy Healing and more.  In working with those with chronic health issues, Susan will use gentle  and relaxing techniques that are not adrenalizing, including peaceful guided meditations, along with working with techniques for healing PTSD, fear and anxiety.  People focus on all areas of life from health, relationships, work, family to your spiritual path.   Susan helps her clients to make deep shifts on an energetic and spiritual level.

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