Shamanic Sessions

For Emotional and Spiritual Support

Shamanic Sessions can help you find healing from long standing issues that are getting in the way of the life that you want.  People work on all areas of life from relationships, work, family to your spiritual path.  Utilizing ancient healing techniques like Soul Retrieval, Shamanic Journeying, connecting to your Power Animals and Spirit Guides and more, Susan helps her clients to make deep shifts on an energetic and spiritual level.

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Customized Guided Meditations


Just For You
Let me provide you with your own Personalized Guided Meditation that you can listen to at anytime for stress reduction, relaxation, healing from chronic illness and deepening your spiritual practice.    My guided meditations use nature based imagery to help you connect to the beauty and healing power of nature.  First we will talk so I can learn what types of images you like, plus what goals you are looking to achieve in terms of prayers, intentions for healing and more.  Then I will record a meditation designed just for you.  

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