"The very first class I took with Sue Wolf Star three years ago changed my life forever.  Sue's love of Shamanism, the depth of her experience, and her joy in teaching combine to create a space where each student is encouraged to strengthen their own connection to Spirit.  With compassion and a little tough love, Sue supports each student's effort to walk forward on their own Spiritual path.  I am grateful for the profound influence that Sue's courses have had on my life."

River Hawk

"Susan Wolf Star is an inspired and inspiring medicine teacher.  She takes simple and complex concepts and helps them to live in your body.  She teaches Shamanic philosophy with a deep grasp and obvious love for the material.  She possesses uncanny intuition and can guide each student on their unique pathway.  She shares herself with humor, lots of stories, and her unique exuberance.  It is a joy to sit in circle with her and to call her teacher and friend."  

Nancy Anderson, M.A., L.P.C.
Telluride, CO

"Sue is a great teacher and a great story teller.  Her shamanic teachings brought much harmony and balance to my everyday life.  I am always looking forward to her classes, they are very informative and lots of fun!"

Annmarie Johne 
Owner - "Busy Brooms"

"My association with Sue Wolf has been ongoing for many years.  I have taken many of her classes and also experienced her abilities as a healer.  Sue has a rare combination of being very professional and very sensitive.  I have experienced soul retrieval and past life regression with Sue and both these experiences had an impact on how I lead my life.  She never ceases to amaze me with the depth of her experience in various healing modalities.  As a teacher she will challenge you to think and open you to new ways of looking at the world."

Tim Lincoln
Manufacturing Engineer

"I have either attended Sue's classes or been a part of her ceremonies for the past 7 years. Sue is a very caring, grounded, supportive and committed shamanic teacher.  She creates an atmosphere of respect and understanding which has helped me, through her knowledge and practice of her shamanic tradition, to develop and deepen my own connection to Spirit.  I highly recommend Sue's classes to anyone wanting to explore and strengthen their spiritual path." 

J. Wolfe, RN,MS
Family Nurse Practitioner
Reiki Master 

"Susan Wolf Star is a powerful teacher who has deeply influenced the way I coach clients and  live my life.  Her teachings have impacted me so profoundly that  I chose to share some of them in my book.  Although she follows the Shamanistic tradition of not naming herself a Shaman, I believe she does indeed embody that title."

Michelle Prosser
President of Energy Focus Coaching and Consulting
Author of "Excuse Me, Your God is Waiting"

“I have attended several of Sue Wolf Star’s programs, and also experienced her healings and readings. Sue’s work has been powerful and life changing for me, I have become lighter, clearer, and more connected to my own strength and guidance as a result. She is a strong and compassionate teacher of the Way of the Shaman.”


Michael Jabalee
Licensed Acupuncturist, M. Ac.